November 2020 In Brief

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11043. Remote training for a user of our Cooperative Society module of FrontAccounting that was suspended due to trainee’s maternity leave, continued. Three exercises were successfully completed by the trainee this month.

11183. We made a technical support visit to NRC. Among other work, we discussed the need to “marry” EPPMS with IPPIS used by the Federal Government for centralized salary payment for its parastatals, so that EPPMS would be importing data from it.

11194. EPPMS 5 Upgrade: Began planning work on the next version 5 of EPPMS that will include IPPIS nominal roll and payroll importing. This would be the first major revision since 2018.

11216. EPPMS 5 Upgrade: Concluded planning of implementation, then went on to start coding the IPPIS nominal roll import.

11220. EPPMS 5 Upgrade: Completed initial coding of IPPIS nominal import, remaining testing.

11231. EPPMS 5 Upgrade: Tested and revised IPPIS nominal import, adding a window at the end of the import to show people whose IPPIS IDs were not found and how they were handled. The IPPIS Employee list accessible from the menu was added to show the imported IPPIS columns (shown in the image). We finally gave the EPPMS login window a face lift as it’d remained basically unchanged the past 15 years.

11242. EPPMS 5 Upgrade: After implementing optional deactivation of those not imported from IPPIS nominal list, we rounded off testing and revision of the IPPIS nominal import, next to move on to payroll import.

11253. EPPMS 5 Upgrade: Implemented IPPIS payroll import. We only had to get over the initial idea of importing to the payroll history due to the posting requirements that would also need to be handled, so the importing was implemented for the current payroll table.

11264. On EPPMS 5 upgrade, we put finishing touches to the EPPMS upgrade work—creating and testing the installer CD, backing up files, printing and updating support documentation and arranging for the next visit. Moved on to start implementing the first Job Delivery Analyzer upgrade to address some initial user issues.

11275. Worked on the Job Delivery Analyzer revision, implementing among others, multi-job delivery report import with automatic job numbering then including carton and envelope analysis on the Job Delivery List, now left to test and update the documentation.

11286. Revised the documentation for Job Delivery Analyzer, mainly the credits and delivery report import pages.

11290. Performed testing and revision on Job Delivery Analyzer upgrade, including enhancing the Job List grid with quantity totals and checking the delivery import files to ensure they matched the job types, after seeing the errors that came up when the wrong file was accidentally selected. Created a new update installer for the application.

11301. Carried out final testing and revision of Job Delivery Analyzer, uploaded the installer to the server and later informed the client. Implemented further enhancements to the IPPIS nominal import in EPPMS 5, vetting the import column headings and allowing for the columns to be in any horizontal order as well as ensuring certain columns were always present.


Following a visit to the client, the EPPMS 5 upgrade was created, the first major revision in two years. This would effectively “marry” EPPMS with IPPIS, allowing importing of IPPIS employee and payroll data. The first upgrade to the new Job Delivery Analyzer module of Labelwriter was also created.

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