November 2019 In Brief

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11026. Revised commenting for Microsoftware Blog posts and the post viewing page. Finally started doing something about implementing an online form for SFI’s Localvantia pre-registrations (that had been under consideration for some time) to be undertaken by us, creating the lvreg project directory for the new application files. (Localvantia is a customer loyalty program that awards free Rewardical tokens to SFI affiliates that patronize registered businesses.)

11030. Worked on LVReg, setting up two database tables, the application screen with log in/out, display of the listing of registered businesses in the database.

11041. On LVReg, started the registration form in two columns, completing business category filtering for the form via AJAX calls. Did a minor adjustment to invoice posting in MoneyBooks Sales, stopping the replacement of comma in details by its SQL hex code \x2c which got passed on literally to the database rather than being sent as a comma.

11052. On LVReg, building up the registrations form logic, exploring more about PHP and CodeIgniter in the process, implementing auto-removal of flash messages via CSS animation and actually writing values to the database table, now remaining to implement editing and deletion of business records, and emailing of receipts.

11063. Implementing an audit trail table for the Blog database had been under consideration for some time now. We started this today with logging features, beginning with LVReg that is using the same database. Along with this we improved on the registrations form for LVReg and made sure uploading two images at a time could be done, finding out how to use the actual form image file element names rather than userfile and then logging a record of the newly inserted business in the audit trail, as a JSON string.

11085. We got the business details viewing page working in LVReg. Someone had asked for the FrontAccounting Payroll on our Facebook page so we got in touch, going on to chat on WhatsApp with the prospect in Pakistan who said he ran a school for poor kids. Made technical support visit to GPP to discuss and provide tutorial on Printwiser Estimating, following their latest upgrade. Also adjusted the impression calculation in their installation to round up to the next thousand impressions.

11100. Got our FrontAccounting MR-Payroll module up and running on our server against a demo database, in its own directory once we realized some of its database objects would conflict with those of the Cooperative Society module earlier set up months ago, testing out all the data entry and reporting features and resolving one issue with posting to GL resulting from FrontAccounting version 2.4.6 changes. Put up a user’s guide as well for the Pakistani prospect to read before trying things out for himself.

11111. Rather than sending via WhatsApp, the new user’s guide for MR-Payroll that started with the demo database link and login details that was promised him, we decided to upload it to our server and then send the prospect the download link.

11122. On LVReg, began implementing business record editing using the same form as for registration.

11133. After reviewing a Blog post following a visitor’s positive comment, we first restored some missing characters in it due to not escaping the \ character where necessary before uploading to the database for the Blog, then set to reviewing several application files for the Blog, starting the implementation of auditing via the new audit trail table by logging flash messages and so making some of the messages more specific. Noticing that the document date was not assigned when a new image was captured for an ID card, we set to revising the MoneyBooks Employees module to correct this. Worked on LVReg to test and revise the use of the same form for both addition and editing of business records.

11144. On LVReg, worked on testing and resolving issues arising from using the same CodeIgniter view and controller code files for both adding and editing business records, making image uploading conditional, only when a new file had been supplied (otherwise file-not-supplied messages were issued), also making sure that when no file was supplied previous image files were not overwritten with blanks in the table on updating, and finally sending to the database only changed fields for updating.

Audit Trail11155. Worked on LVReg, implementing a quick button menu (most frequently used items like Log in and Log out) to always show on mobiles below the company logo, introducing payment mode for express registrations, finally drafting a receipt document.

11166. On LVReg, implemented printing of the receipt that involved using @device print CSS query to stop some objects on the screen from being printed, finally completing the html receipt emailing, to bring the application to a ready-for-use state after 15 days.

11170. We hooked up LVReg to the Products submenu of our website, uploaded and tested it out on the server: Will need to resize the page image that took too long to download, and also exclude the navigation <nav> code from the receipt html that was emailed as it got displayed by a phone’s email client though not when viewed with a browser.

11181. Implemented necessary changes to LVReg, reducing the size of the application image, removing <nav> code from the email receipt html code and implementing deletion of uploaded images.

11192. Implemented changes to LVReg, including displaying a promotional message below the public home page image, along with showing the latest five pre-registrations.

11203. Provided phone support for a domain and hosting client that called several times over challenges of setting up access to a domain email account on an Android phone, as well as setting up a new domain email account. By using the network name of the development computer in CodeIgniter’s base_url configuration setting instead of localhost we were able to get access to LVReg on the office wireless network from connected devices: Access was not possible from UC Browser and Opera-Mini in a Windows Phone 8.1 device, only from IE. Later test with an Android phone showed access was possible from all browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

11273. We used a flash-drive formatting tool called Rufus, downloaded from Sourceforge, to format and make a flash drive bootable using an ISO image of a Windows version.

11295. Resumed discussions with a mainland printing corporation prospect once more on the introduction of Printwiser for their operations. On LVReg we implemented viewing and removal of logged audit trail entries by admins, involving several interesting aspects of using JavaScript (the W3Schools site came handy as a reference) and PHP:

11306. On LVReg we rounded up immediate audit trail implementation with a detail view form that comes into play when the logged activity had more than 50 words, and later uploaded the new features to the server; a nice-to-have feature for later would be automatic searching of the audit records.


LVReg, our web application to facilitate SFI’s Localvantia pre-registrations, was created. Our FrontAccounting MR-Payroll module was set up for a Pakistani prospect to review. A Printwiser client was visited for technical support, while discussions with an old prospect for its implementation resumed. The Sales and Employees modules of MoneyBooks got some needed changes.

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