March 2021 In Brief

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3011. We had imagined converting avi files produced by CamStudio to smaller mp4 files either using VLC or the newly-downloaded Any Video Converter would be a breeze, but had not bargained for the audio and video components going out of sync afterward, with the video running ahead of the audio almost within seconds of starting. So eventually we resorted to uploading to YouTube the avi files for the latest introductory Printwiser MIS presentation after combining them with an AVI editor called Avidemux. Later we uploaded the Printwiser demo presentation outline document with selected sample reports to our website.

3044. Visited NRC to install the EPPMS 5.09 upgrade and also attend to technical support administrative matters, the first of two such visits this month.

3070. We uploaded the Printwiser presentation introductory slide show as a separate video on YouTube, seeing the video earlier uploaded showing 4 views. We began considering implementing product cart maintenance and then order entry for the Blessing Hair website that we created last year, even though the client was yet to provide some necessary details.

3081. Blessing Hair Upgrade: We started implementing the cart and order placement process, working locally, sorting through challenges encountered with cart data storage and retrieval.

3103. Blessing Hair Upgrade: On the cart implementation we sorted out the issue of the formatting of product price values, moved on to getting and saving a new user’s login without using standard HTML form code. Next, to get the delivery details and mode of payment.

Check Out - Delivery info3114. Blessing Hair Upgrade: Reviewed setting up of PayPal payments, finally deciding to first set up bank payment that would be less cumbersome. We researched to see how JavaScript functions could be used as arguments and how form processing could be properly handled in Bootstrap modals. Our implementation of the delivery information section of the cart checkout met a stumbling block—the modal height wouldn’t increase, leaving parts of the form hanging below it with a horizontal gap between them—and we eventually had to make do with a work-around.

3125. Blessing Hair Upgrade: We set up and tested our own AJAX function for form data submission, coded the retrieval and saving of the delivery info to the database, prior to the next payment mode section to be worked on. As if miraculously, that issue that could not be resolved for several hours yesterday was finally fixed. The solution? <div class="clearfix"></div> placed right after the last div before the </form> tag! We actually used it so that the next div containing a button would start on a fresh row, but it ended up curing that big ailment as well.

3136. Blessing Hair Upgrade: We revised the code to take into account client’s just obtained delivery charging approach. We noted something about debugging errors arising from AJAX calls: The web page could just be blank if an error occurred and it would be necessary to use the browser’s debugging tools to see what went wrong. With SeaMonkey (and Firefox) these included the Network and Console tabs (after pressing Shift+Ctrl+I); with the Network tab, clicking on a row even displayed a whole bunch of error reports sent back by the server. After revising the customer table to include location area instead of a localresident column, we completed testing of retrieval and update of the details to and from the database, ready to move on to the next section of showing order total with delivery charge added and specifying payment method.

3140. Blessing Hair Upgrade: Implemented display of delivery price and order total during check out, setting up tables for storing the order and generating order numbers, finally implementing payment method selection (bank, optional COD for Greek residents), with the actual order placement being the next final stage of check out.

3151. Blessing Hair Upgrade: Completed check out for bank and COD payment excluding email generation of order which we began exploring. Started the setting up of the order viewing page.

3162. Blessing Hair Upgrade: Completed the order display, porting and revising LVReg code for printing and emailing the order. The order customer was sent an email alert at the end of the check out.

Orders list3184. Blessing Hair Upgrade: Implemented order list display and searching, and status updates by an admin, with the order number on the list being a link to view the order form.

3206. Blessing Hair Upgrade: Implemented delivery rates entry then carried out general revision and testing including producing the list of new English expressions for the bilingual dictionary. We debugged missing values in the order acknowledgment email when a non-logged-in user placed an order, that took over two hours and turned out to be something caused by a recent filtering change made to the order record retrieval code.

3210. Blessing Hair Upgrade: We tested the new ordering features on a narrow browser window then made some slight adjustments to the styling, explored PayPal integration, updated the dictionary with Greek terms, created the set of files to be used for updating the client’s server.

3221. Blessing Hair Upgrade: We included Delivered as a third order status change that the customer would receive an alert email for, along with Canceled and Paid.

3243. Blessing Hair Upgrade: We backed up the client’s server database and image files then installed the new cart and ordering features, ending with a test order entry.

3265. Blessing Hair Upgrade: We increased the details column of the audittrail table to handle up to 25,000 characters rather than 2,500. Later we added method of payment to the order status edit form so the client could adjust it as well if necessary, including an additional Other method for selection.

3302. We implemented word deletion on the HIDDEN form in Gerian, and also stopped the award of Rewardicals for the silver fox after two white foxes had been spotted, as previously observed during a game. We investigated the non-receipt of emails sent from the Blessing Hair website during the test order entry, finding out eventually that the mails were actually sent but lumped in the Junk folder on the server, after being tagged as ***SPAM*** by SpamAssassin.


The bilingual Blessing Hair website that we created last year for a foreign-based client got a major upgrade, customer order entry and maintenance. Technical support for NRC continued with two visits and installation of EPPMS 5.09 upgrade, while a needed change was made to Gerian Assistant.

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