June 2020 In Brief

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6022. We revised the MoneyBooks GL transaction copy code to use the current period in the copy, making it feasible to copy an old transaction from a different period.

6081. During the process of quote to waybill and invoice conversion in MoneyBooks Sales, there was an error about VAT amount being missing and we investigated and resolved the issue, having to do with the amount not being calculated because VAT rate was 0 unlike at other times. Order was received for the conduct of remote training on our Cooperative Society module of FrontAccounting, for a staff of Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Staff C.T.C.S. Limited, Abeokuta, “remote” on account of the coronavirus pandemic.

6092. Three-day introductory Printwiser Estimating training for Clement Usman, the new estimator, took off at GlobalPlus Publishing, Oregun. He was not completely new to Printwiser, having worked in the past in the Planning Department of Academy Press Plc.

6114. The optional cost analysis report of Printwiser Estimating was demonstrated for GPP users, at the conclusion of the training. They observed that it did in seconds what they’d been trying to do manually for days, compiling selected estimate data into a spreadsheet format. They expressed an interest in having it activated for use.

6136. Restructured the home page of the Microsoftware website so that the featured Blog post images were more prominent, having text wrap around them, rather than using 1 of 12 Bootstrap columns for them that often left them too small.

6140. By using the Developer Tools of Internet Explorer for debugging we saw why some website features—like some buttons on the audit trail page of LVReg or the search and popular posts pages of the Blog—didn’t work on the desktop and Windows Phone versions of the browser. It was either the initialization of JavaScript function variables in the declaration, or self-closing the div tag, both of which the browser regarded as fatal syntax errors. We revised the code for the Blog, LVReg and Blessing Hair sites to resolve the issue.

6151. Began compiling the course workbook for the remote training for Neuro, discussing the Cooperative Society module in more detail and including exercises and several more screenshots. Member deletion errors that came up while using the application were looked into.

6162. Revised the member entry code for the Cooperative Society module to stop generation of a registration fee transaction for a zero amount, and corrected issues with member image file deletion. Now a newly-added member without registration fee could be deleted.Member Form

6173. Upgraded the transaction posting SQL code for the Cooperative Society module. When a loan deduction is posted the loan balance reduces with a corresponding reduction in a (savings) deposit account from which the payment was made. It is now possible to post a “Deposit” transaction entry to reduce a loan balance rather than only increasing a deposit balance.

6184. Visited the Labelwriter client to discuss the next major upgrade, new collation and reporting features to be automated. The upgrade will save much time being spent on manual collation among other benefits.

6195. Revised the Cooperative Society module to implement editing of member loan repayment date. This will allow repayments for some members to be suspended for some periods if need be.

6221. Added three new exercises to the Cooperative Society course workbook including one on backup/restore. We modified the FrontAccounting backup code to turn off unique and foreign key checks at the beginning of the script file, that might interfere with restoring Cooperative Society data, turning them back on at the end. We did some revision to the account statement generation code for the Cooperative Society module as well.

6232. Finalized and uploaded the Neuro course workbook to their server for use by the trainee, Damilola Olaniyan, after updating Cooperative Society source files along with the demo database on their server.

6243. Tested the installation of FrontAccounting 2.4.3 on a desktop, encountering challenges because it was running Windows XP. We realized Xampp and its server tools like PHP 5.5 don’t work on XP. (The last PHP version that runs on XP is 5.4.17.) Wampserver 2 that got FrontAccounting running on XP though used an older MySQL version that didn’t support some of the MySQL code for our Cooperative Society module.

6265. In Printwiser we made the cost analysis report access as a separate Estimating module option, distinct from its Quote Writer option, then updated the help file.

6291. We started work on Labelwriter to reformat the packing list version of the candidate listing report as suggested by the client.


Three-day Printwiser Estimating training was conducted for GlobalPlus Publishing, at the end of which they were introduced to the advanced cost analysis report. Preparations for conducting remote training for a user of our Cooperative Society module of FrontAccounting were concluded, including needed upgrading of the module. The next major upgrade of Labelwriter was discussed with the client.

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