February 2020 In Brief

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2031. We worked on TCProd, completing and adding to the round of enhancements started the last time so it was now ready for uploading to the server for live use.

2053. Worked on TCProd, adjusting CodeIgniter configuration files for the application to work for both local and web server environments, using a check for the existence of our web server directory to determine if the active environment was local (when false) or web-based (true); tested the app on smartphones and it worked perfectly on Android but not quite so on Lumia WP8.1.

TCProd Listing2064. Uploaded TCProd to the server and it looked okay even on Lumia WP8.1 unlike yesterday when tested locally on a LAN and the device query CSS appeared to have been ignored on the phone.

2075. Rather than write a separate program to adjust the times in the chats saved on January 15 from WhatsApp with Alaska time zone before importing them into MoneyBooks Data Manager, we decided to modify DM itself to implement an offset hours value during importing; completed the coding, remaining to test.

2086. Tested and revised importing messages in DM with hour offset value (of +10 as 10 hours was to be added to the times in the “Alaska” WhatsApp messages) and built the executable, then successfully imported 132 messages with their right times.

2090. Used TCProd to add a new product to our server database for the first time and noted enhancements we could implement like the /product/add URL that would first trigger the login page before continuing straight to the data entry form; days before we’d seen the need to disable or hide some editing buttons when the person logged in wasn’t an admin.

2101. We secured the /product/add, /remove and /edit URLs in TCProd so the login page was triggered if necessary before proceeding following an admin login; for non-admins the uneditable product list would be displayed instead. Began work on reviewing validity of data entry done by users of the Cooperative Society module of FrontAccounting, downloading the big scanned list of transaction documents their consultant had compressed and attached to an email, then accessing the website and downloading a backup of their database. Installed the database backup in a local environment without issue but quickly ran into challenges when we started the application against the local database; the transaction and member forms weren’t responding to queries and the list of members on the account statement report generation form was long but blank. Investigated and resolved the query and member list challenges and then successfully completed the review of the first member account.

2123. Completed the data entry review for the Cooperative Society module of FrontAccounting after going through more than 10 accounts and wrote up a report of findings for the end-user’s consultant.

2134. Approval was received for the next upgrade of Labelwriter initially proposed in August, incorporating a new ticking list report. Did review work on the Blog application, implementing the About Me form for post authors to describe themselves for their readers, prior to showing a pop up with the information, linked to their names on post viewing screens.

2145. For the Blog, we completed implementation of author profile display as a modal popup on the post viewing page, displayed on clicking the author’s username that now shows as a link.

2156. Started work on the Labelwriter update by reviewing the request document sent months ago by the user, then doing table design for the ticking list data entry.

2160. Continued the Labelwriter ticking list update by implementing the basic data entry window, moving on to planning the reporting aspects.

2182. Labelwriter upgrade: Coding and testing the logic for generating the ticking list ranges for user-supplied specifications was completed in over six hours. We were surprised to find Sublime Text didn’t have Print on its File menu and investigations led us to a post at Stack Overflow on installing a “Print to HTML” package and after successfully doing this, and checking out the html file produced by the package on pressing Alt+Shift+P, we eventually resorted to using Notepad++ to print the SQL source code for the ticking list report generation procedure.

2193. Work on the new ticking list feature for Labelwriter 9.2 was concluded with the creation, uploading and delivery of three installers: First an installer to update the last version, then the complete setup installer and finally the archive installer for 12 older versions.

VAT Listing2215. Based on how tortuous it was for our staff to prepare the VAT documentation for January over several days and the time spent on review and corrections, we decided to automate the process with a MoneyBooks report, especially as it was MoneyBooks data that had to be used though from three modules (GL, Sales and AP). We started work on this by developing an SQL query to list out relevant information on receipts, sales invoices and VAT paid or withheld and later did the rest of the implementation work in roughly six hours. Now the new VAT Listing report of the Sales module—in three sections of VAT charged on sales, VAT withheld and VAT paid on sales supplies—can be produced in seconds instead of days.

2263. Did the first 2020 revision of the MoneyBooks System module (since 2018), allowing some items on the messaging window to be movable and re-sizable (useful for printing purposes) and then doing a backup of the time logging file before it was deleted at conclusion of a logged project or prospect activity session.

2296. Customized the logo displayed for TCProd, including the application’s name, as shown above.


Initial work was completed on TCProd for managing TripleClicks product banners on the Partners page of our website. We carried out data entry review for users of our Cooperative Society module for FrontAccounting, to determine their correctness. The first 2020 upgrade of Labelwriter was implemented as version 9.2, incorporating a new ticking list report. A comprehensive VAT documentation report was implemented for MoneyBooks Sales, while the Microsoftware Blog and the Data Manager and System modules of MoneyBooks were also revised.

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