December 2019 In Brief

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12021. An associate, IT Partners, wanted us to be part of a stock taking project previously discussed and now coming up in two days for a new client. We prepared the stock taking forms to be used.

12032. We made final preparations for the stock taking job including revision and printing of the stock taking sheets. We decided to implement a new feature on the to-do form in MoneyBooks Time Manager to temporarily give a user the ability to assign new dates to tasks created for them by others along with securing the form some more. We also rebuilt the System module of MoneyBooks to take advantage of improved shared code since December 2017 when it was last rebuilt, including a change made today on the task logging form to not close when a database error prevented updating.

12043. We in company of the associate were at the client site to commence stock taking, to be concluded tomorrow. We revised LVReg, implementing a button atop the audit trail page to jump to the bottom of the page where page scrolling buttons were, later considering how to implement a search feature.

12054. We were at the client site to do the remaining stock taking, being joined by our associate. We began background code for searching the audit trail in LVReg including writing the necessary SQL code to implement paging through the results.

12076. Using MR-Randomizer, we downloaded and analyzed PremierBet lotto results from August 24 to yesterday, encountering an endless loop bug caused by the data including a duplicated result, which was shortly fixed.

12080. Revised LVReg, putting finishing touches to the search feature for audit trail, first finalizing testing and revision of the background code and then implementing the search user interface to call it with the search string. For some reason, maybe the JavaScript code, the search controls didn’t work in a Lumia Windows phone but worked fine in an Android phone.

12091. We rounded up work on the stock taking project, producing a spreadsheet of stock on-hand quantities counted with their unit sale prices and total value, sending this along with the scanned stock taking sheets and the images from the client’s sales books to our server with a covering email for our associate to download, print and submit the stock spreadsheet to the client.

12102. We made a slight revision to Gerian, implementing automatic saving of imported constellation prizes on the Astro Auctions List.

12113. We determined that since people who weren’t regular staff could use LVReg to assist with the registrations for us, we needed to add more security features to it, and also restrict express registration payment modes for them to only bank payments. In addition, it shouldn’t be just anyone that registered at our Blog that could use the application.

12124. We began the next security changes to LVReg, limiting thumbnail image upload to admins, introducing more payment options and having the options change depending on the registration mode.

12135. We completed security implementation for LVReg and restricted accepted payment modes by user type.

12146. On LVReg we implemented the /view/info/id URL for viewing business records without having to log in, and the next thing is to email a just-registered business this link for checking up on their data and registration status. For example, would display the registration with 191101001 as ID.

12150. On LVReg we implemented new customer notification email with the data display link, as well as the display of registration guidelines to authorized users. We uploaded the new features to the server and did a second test registration including receipt emailing.

12161. We observed that one of the three emails sent yesterday by LVReg when we created a test registration on the server—the customer notification with link for displaying business data on our website—was delivered about 6 hours later: Delayed emails is one of the disadvantages of using a shared hosting service. We adjusted the PHP code for the subject line in the generated email as the html character ™ for trademark sign wasn’t translated. We discovered the last corrective revision of MoneyBooks Time Manager that aimed to make task date change by users impossible without prior approval, was not effective. We did another round of investigation to determine how it was bypassed—just clicking the date lookup button that we’d overlooked—and then fixed it a final time. We changed how the local server computer was identified in LVReg back to checking on the host name rather than looking for a directory on the computer, which could incorrectly identify the server as web-based when access was made from LAN devices.

12172. We introduced one of the new features in LVReg to the Blog, the quick button menu that shows on mobiles with two popular items at a time, depending on whether you’re logged in or not. Later we had the post tags and categories listings showing in three columns, and introduced pagination for the tags listing as there could be so many.

12183. We implemented another new feature in the Blog, listing the popular blog posts that were most viewed within a user-supplied number of days (100 by default). When tested on a Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia device the button on the form didn’t work, but it worked elsewhere including an Android phone.

12194. Partly due to our associate’s request for an electronic invoicing solution, we decided to give them the Inventory and Sales modules of MoneyBooks so they could use both for processing the stock taking client’s data in future, should it become necessary. We needed to make sure the Inventory module had the required features and implemented multiple stock units so that items could be received (bought and stocked) in cartons or packs while being issued for use in units, then began working on a form to make recording of stock transfers easier.

Stock history report with multiple units
Stock history report with multiple units for given item, Sheet and REAM

12216. Completed the implementation of stock transfers in MBIN that was started yesterday, upgraded our company database to work with the new features and updated the help file as well.

12220. In MBIN we ensured the newly reprogrammed stock unit column was never missing from the stock and transaction tables, that the product cost price was updated for the Sales module during posting of receipts, then moved on to reviewing the Sales module, implementing optional automatic approval for invoices generated from the waybill form and later introducing warehouse column to the waybill form and ensuring the issue transactions generated for Inventory during waybill posting also had the unit column.

12231. Having briefed him about it, Victor Ogueri wanted the LVReg registration guidelines and we authorized his login after he registered at the Blog. For some strange reason he couldn’t access our websites until we suggested he put https:// before the URLs. (He showed us a screen shot of one error message he got from Firefox on his laptop, saying the connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.) After completing the initial review and upgrading of MBIN and MBSA with regards to meeting the needs of processing inventory purchasing and sales data, we went on to add enhancements: In MBIN we made the multi-warehouse feature more convenient to use, introducing the optional warehouse prompt during generation of four major reports, resizing the columns on the stock history report to fit on A4 as it no longer did after including the unit column.

12242. Considering letting Victor have the promotional materials we’d printed out for staff to use led us to implement a promotional materials download page at the LVReg site with three of such documents. We upgraded MBIN some more, introducing warehouse to the transaction audit report, and then implementing the posted transactions listing report with optional warehouse selection.

12275. One of the things we established from browsing the web since yesterday was the difference between using display:none and visibility:hidden for removing things from the screen. When we used the display setting for the quick button menus for non-mobiles on LVReg and the Blog, instead of the earlier visibility setting, we saw that because no space had been left for the hidden menu we no longer had to reduce the font size of the following main menu by up to 60%, for it not to be shifted down to another line.

12290. We revised the Blog so that the rating was including when sorting posts for a category or tag, improved on flash messages when a category or tag was added and included Glyphicon images on buttons on the posts listing page.

12301. We revised the posts listing page so that the post image could be much bigger, allocating 7 in 12 Bootstrap columns instead of 1 in 12.

12312. For the Blog, we had to restructure the posts listing page completely, as increasing the post image display from 1 to 7 columns out of 12 turned out problematic for small images, either stretching them to cover the space or when not stretched leaving a wide gap before the next column of text. We ended up doing away with Bootstrap columns, setting a maximum of 360px for images on wide devices (or 100% of container on small devices), making the images float to the left on wide devices so no blank space was left, and finally adding a silver line after each post.


The month began with a stock taking project undertaken along with an associate of ours. LVReg got several enhancements including search for the audit trail with paged results, an authorization table, express registration options that varied by user type, a link for registered businesses to view their data and status, and finally registration guidelines and promotional materials pages. This Blog was also enhanced with the new mobile-only quick-access button menu below the logo, a new popular posts page and a completely restructured posts listing page. The Inventory and Sales modules of MoneyBooks were revised to better handle item stocking and sales data processing, including new reports and features. The Time Manager module was also updated along with Gerian and MR-Randomizer.

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