April 2020 In Brief

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4050. Modified the Blog to implement the feature of (optionally) turning off editing of posts, along with a few bug corrections, and finally adding Search button to the quick-menu below the logo for narrow-width mobiles.

4072. Continued the Labelwriter 9.3 upgrade, completing the new candidate listing report generation logic and building the executable application, remaining to test and upload.

4094. We tested and revised the new candidate listing in Labelwriter, created the installer and uploaded to our server for the client to download.

4120. Began version 2.8 revision of MoneyBooks Data Manager, implementing importing of Android WhatsApp messages that were saved from a Nokia 2.1 some weeks ago.

4131. Completed the v2.8 revision of MBDM of Android WhatsApp text import along with making the Phone Call Form more flexible, allowing direct entry of total call amount then recalculating the call rate. Began adding the next feature to the Blog, a recent-posts menu option that would show the last 20 posts.

4142. Completed the implementation of the View recent posts menu option for the Blog, also providing tooltips for some menu items.

4153. Following our conclusion of the domain registration and hosting project reported last month, the client gave approval for the bigger next stage of website development. The website to be created would be an improvement on an existing Greek site done some years ago, offering the Athens, Greece-based client the much-needed features of uploading and managing website content including pricing information for products and services. Another interesting new feature would be the ability to switch between English and Greek. We explored showing a wait message using CodeIgniter, checking the web first and not seeing what we wanted, experimenting with JavaScript for the Blog application.

4164. We implemented in MoneyBooks GL the feature of being able to duplicate a GL transaction with a new Copy button on the Transaction Form, first creating the SQL code and once it worked linking it up to the form in the client application. For the Blog we completed investigation of the display of a loader/waiting page using CodeIgniter, implementing one for the Categories summary; this was thanks to a suggestion we read yesterday on Stack Overflow while researching the topic.

4175. We began work on the new Website Development project by setting up directories and beginning the database table design, deciding on how the bilingual feature would be implemented, later having to deal with string character set and collation issues when the MySQL console application failed to display Greek characters properly.

4186. For the Website Development project we configured CodeIgniter working environment files, decided to set the character set and collation sequence at database level as well as having to use phpMyAdmin to interact with the database more, especially where Greek characters were involved as we still could not find a way to get MySQL console to display them.

4190. Website Development project: We implemented case-sensitive phrase look-up for the bilingual dictionary, building it up thanks to Google Translate as we worked on the menu, revised the logo and created a new page icon file. We got the page displaying in a browser for the first time with one error that was quickly sorted out, seeing that the bilingual logic was working fine, later getting the dynamically-assigned page image slider working.

4201. Made good progress on the Website Development project, completing changes to the slider and logo images as well as the menu design, creating a version of our under-construction page to display when any menu item not yet implemented was chosen.

4212. Carried out the first upload of the new Website Development site to the web and everything worked fine.

4223. Continued the Website Development work, setting up the page footer and the three social media icons. At the Greek site the icons were simply Fontawesome characters but as we weren’t using this library for the project we had to do something else, settling on copying the icons off the screen at Free Social Circle Icons and saving them as small rectangular images.

4234. Website Development: We finalized work on the page footer and updated the server; we applied CSS formatting to the saved icon images so they appeared rounded too. Put up the About Us page and apart from having to finalize the page structure formatting we only needed to translate the text on the old site to English, restructure it and translate back to Greek for the dictionary updating. We began the Shipping page next and as this was not yet implemented in the old site we had to create our own.

4245. Website Development: We completed four pages linked to via the page footer (shipping, privacy policy, terms and conditions, contact), with the Contact page taking up most time as it was most complex with Google map display and a contact form.

4256. Website Development: We completed processing of contact messages (emailing and logging to an audit table), adjusted how language/currency change was implemented, now using cookies except on rare occasions, uploaded recent website changes to the server and implemented cPanel email forwarding though yet to see it working.

4260. Website Development: We followed up on contact form message processing, seeing that the emailing of messages worked fine, then investigated cPanel email forwarding by adding more forwarding addresses which made us realize that the forwarding was actually working, just that Gmail had chosen to hide the forwarded messages earlier as junk. We left message via the Contact form telling the client it was now working, and the client was appreciative in response. We also decided the next areas to work on to be user registration and the photo gallery, beginning work on the user registration.

4271. Website Development: We first revised the text on two sliders as client had suggested and updated the server, then ported MRBlog code for user registration, remaining to fully test everything. We were baffled when an email column on the registration form started behaving like a username column, on two different browsers, a drop-down of usernames popping up there.

4282. Website Development: We figured out what was causing the email column to behave like a username column, that it was due to browsers expecting anything right before a password column to be a username, for their auto-fills feature; the issue stopped once the email column was no longer right before password. We finalized testing and revision of the user registration and security and moved on to implementing photo gallery, starting with creating a table to hold image details and then examining the code for the photo gallery page of the Greek site, extracting the names of the displayed images and their thumbnails, creating code to copy them off into our own directories.

4293. Website Development: After implementing photo display, we got the photo gallery fully functional with addition, editing and deletion of photos though still need to test things some more and also implement searching and automatic creation of the thumbnail file when a photo was uploaded.

4304. Website Development: Implemented image search (ported over from LVReg) then updated the dictionary, resorting to writing BASIC scripts to scan our PHP code to extract the expressions to be translated into a file and later using another script to write SQL to store the translations in the database by merging an English terms file with another file of Greek. We implemented the Extensions menu option that made use of the Photo Gallery which we needed to adapt slightly. This time we used PowerBuilder code (as BASIC would not handle the long lines involved) to examine the source file of the Greek page and generate the batch file to copy the images over and also the SQL to update the photos table, which was much faster than doing it manually like the first time.

Due to the coronavirus lockdown order by the government, virtually all the work this month was done from home.


Following completion of new domain name registration and hosting project last month, this month saw the take-off of full website development, still on-going. Before this the next upgrade of Labelwriter with a new candidate listing report was concluded, while some changes were made to the Data Manager and GL modules of MoneyBooks along with the Blog application.

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