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Printwiser Estimating 8.1 Per-Impression Press Run Costing Upgrade

Introducing, the Printwiser Estimating 8.1 upgrade, effective October 28, 2019. It features a new per-impression press run implementation that also allows per-hour to be used for some estimates. Cost sheet report’s material and labor details can now also be exported to two separate files for use in a spreadsheet.

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June 2021 In Brief

Labelwriter got two needed updates this month. Two technical support visits were made to NRC for IPPIS payroll importing and processing using EPPMS, and a new version 5.14 of the application was created. Support was provided for a domain email client on using Thunderbird, while training was provided for a technical support user of our Cooperative Society module of FrontAccounting. The Sales, Employees, Payroll and Time Manager modules of MoneyBooks got some needed changes or rebuilds.

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